• Helix Universal Server Extensions

    Helix Security Manager Helix Session Manager

    Helix Security Manager enables controlled, authorized access to streaming and downloadable media content by adding dynamically generated secure unique tokens within the media player URL and enabling integration with an organization’s end-user authentication and authorization systems. This prevents content theft and link hijacking, ensuring only authorized users have access to your content.

    Helix Session Manager enables integration of Helix Universal Media Server with OSS/BSS and AAA systems in order to control, manage and charge for media sessions. Helix Session Manager allows customers to take custom actions during a media session, via an external HTTP API call, when these session events occur. These actions include authorizing the client connection, GEO-IP lookup, checking customer credit levels, tracking the media session, integration with billing and customer care systems as well as disconnecting the media clients for live and on-demand streams delivered by the Helix Universal Media Server.

    Helix Security Manager:
    • Operates with any Helix Universal Media Server URL for mobile, tablet, PC and IPTV devices
    • Supports all media formats delivered by Helix Universal Media Server including:
      • 3GP and MP4,
      • Apple HTTP live streaming
      • Flash streaming
      • RealAudio® and RealVideo®
      • Windows Media
    • Enables integration of Helix Servers into an organization's AAA systems
    • Includes more robust and flexible level of access control than username and password, less complex and easier to deploy than digital rights management (DRM), enables web-based single sign-on security
    • Allows client-access control
    • Controls client connections and disconnect based on business rules
    • Supports multiple delivery methods – RTMP, RTSP, HTTP live streaming, Windows Media
    • Supported on Windows, Linux and Solaris


    • Reject unauthorized or expired keys
    • Bypass - allow secure and non-secure content on a single server. Content can either be secured by default and only unsecured content is bypassed by regular expression matching by content location or vice versa.
    • External allowance – dynamically authenticate unsecured requests directly to the Helix Security Adapter against an external system
    • Configurable error handling – handle exceptions by any of the following means:
      • Custom error string
      • Redirect client to alternate HTTP or RTSP resource
      • Dynamically determine which of the above actions to take by invoking an external system
      • Interval logging
    • Logging – log authentication attempts into an authentication log file
    • Log rolling – set the log roll size via configuration file
    • IP address verification – verifies that the IP address of the client requesting the secure URL from the Helix Security Manager is the same as client receiving authenticated by the Helix Security Adapter

    Note: You will need to purchase additional copies of Helix Security Adapter if you would like to manage more than one media server.

    Helix Security Manager Datasheet  

    Helix Session Manager:
    • Operates with all media players on mobile, tablet, PC and IPTV devices
    • Supports all media formats delivered by Helix Universal Media Server including:
      • 3GP and MP4
      • Apple HTTP live streaming
      • Flash streaming
      • RealAudio® and RealVideo®
      • Windows Media
    • Authorize allow/deny/redirect any media session based on customer business rules (via an external HTTP API call), for example, allow or deny streaming sessions based on client IP-address
    • Manage streaming sessions by building custom middleware business rules around specific events
    • Allow client actions to be blocked until external system responds
    • Allow default actions to occur should external entity not respond
    • Allow for advanced tracking and reporting systems to be built around the Helix Universal Media Server
    • Obtain session information via log file records or an HTTP call
    • Manage a list of all live or on-demand streaming sessions by file/stream name, URL query parameter name or query string parameters in the URL
    • Instruct Helix Univeral Media Server to switch to a new clip when the current clip has finished playing
    • Deliver to all playback environments including: Flash Player, QuickTime X, QuickTime player, Silverlight player, Windows PC, various mobile media players and RealPlayer®

    Helix Session Manager Datasheet