• Video Services

    An exponential increase in watching video on mobile devices has accompanied the proliferation of smartphones, such as Android® and iPhone®, and the rising number of new tablets in the market.

    With next-generation, on-demand video services from RealNetworks, mobile operators can offer a high-quality video experience with a sleek, easy-to-use interface. Subscribers can discover, share, and archive their favorite live or streaming content when they want it, and on the devices they choose.

    We provide mobile operators with a complete end-to-end video solution with a leading monetization platform that enables pay TV providers and network operators to participate in the IP video ecosystem with a compelling multi-screen experience. In addition, we address mobile operators’ over the top challenges by delivering differentiated services and technology across various network types and device capabilities.

  • A Complete End-to-End Video Solution

    Our video services are backed by innovative technology and real-world experience in delivering digital media.


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