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    Helix Media Library

    On-premise online video platform (OVP)

    This all-in-one media solution allows you to encode, manage your media, and then deliver a high-definition experience across players, platforms and devices.

    Helix Webcaster Professional

    Easy live and on-demand webcasting

    Helix Webcaster is a simple webcasting solution allowing you to combine all of your media sources into a single live or on-demand stream. Without any technical expertise, you can capture speakers, presentation decks, videos, links and more into a single broadcast which is easily streamed online. Perfect for launching a new product, broadcasting a company meeting or presenting a global press conference, Helix Webcaster lets you create powerful, professional events to reach a widespread audience. The free trial does not include enhanced features such as live chat and polling. These are available in Helix Webcaster Interactive. Contact Sales for the Helix Webcaster Interactive product demo.

    Helix Universal Server

    Live and on-demand media server for multi-device delivery

    Helix Universal Server supports the latest standards and provides a host of robust features including support for MPEG-DASH, HLS and Flash. From iPhones, tablets and PCs to STBs and Smart TVs,Helix Universal Server streams live and on-demand media content with professional-scale reliability, performance and support.

    Helix Universal Server Professional

    Live and on-demand media server with DRM content security

    Helix Universal Server Professional supports the latest standards with robust features including universal streaming, DRM, support for MPEG-DASH, CDN integration and multi-protocol stream ingest. The Professional version also includes integration with internal or third-party authentication and authorization systems to help you secure and monetize media content.

    Helix Universal Server Professional can be run on your local machine or in the cloud through Amazon EC2. This free trial allows you to download and use the local software for 10 days. Once you submit your request, you will receive a license key and link to download the software. Simply follow the instructions and start streaming.


    Combine the robust capabilities of Helix Universal Server Professional with Amazon’s powerful cloud computing for economical, flexible media delivery. Pay only for what you use and quickly scale up or down plus get everything in Helix Universal Server Professional — universal streaming, DRM, MPEG-DASH, CDN integration, multi-protocol stream ingest and integration with AAA systems — without an up-front investment.

    Helix Universal Server Professional can be run on your local machine or in the cloud through Amazon EC2. Get started immediately and pay only for the time you use, starting at just $0.10/hour. Simply sign up for an AWS account, launch the Helix Universal Server Professional through the Amazon Marketplace and start streaming immediately.

    Helix Producer Professional

    Live and on-demand encoding solution

    Provides standards-based live and on-demand encoding of popular streaming media formats, including H.264 and MP4. This easy-to-use encoder integrates with your existing infrastructure, helping you deliver a high definition experience. This edition includes up to 4 inputs and 16 outputs, MPEG2-TS ingest and live archiving.

    Helix Enterprise Player

    A managed media player with H.264 support

    Helix Enterprise Player is a deployable player that can be configured to your organization’s specific needs. If you'd like more information about Helix Enterprise Player, please contact sales at 800.444.8011.

    NOTE: For current customers using RealPlayer Enterprise we have a promotional upgrade currently available. Contact sales at 800-444-8011 to learn more.

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    Download Helix Server Basic

    Simple 5-stream server. This free media server is a great solution if you are getting started with streaming media and want to experiment before rolling it out to a large audience.

    Download RealMedia Editor

    RealMedia Editor allows content authors to perform basic editing operations to RealMedia files, for example, removing the beginning and end segments from an archive of a live broadcast.  It also allows different media clips to be spliced together in order to create a single RealMedia file from many clips.

    Download RealProducer

    The gold-standard for creating and broadcasting RealAudio® and RealVideo®. RealProducer® can take advantage of Helix Server advanced broadcasting features, and is the choice of media professionals.

    Download RealPlayer

    RealPlayer®, the consumer media client from RealNetworks, is perfect for playing and sharing video with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.