• A New Generation of Media Delivery

    From iPhone to PC and everything in between, Helix Universal Server streams live and on-demand media with professional-scale reliability and performance. Designed to support diverse media distribution, Helix Universal Server provides cost-effective virtual hosting through the ability to create multiple server instances from a single installation. And with multi-protocol stream ingest, digital rights management, support for MPEG-DASH and CDN integration, Helix Universal Server is more powerful than ever.

    • Digital rights management
    • Support for MPEG-DASH
    • Multi-protocol stream ingest
    • Virtual hosting
  • How it Works

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  • Key Features

    What's New

    • Virtual hosting

      Reduce costs and customize configurations by creating multiple server instances from a single installation.
    • Controlled streaming for HLS and MPEG-DASH

      Get fine-tuned control for unique bitrate streaming to specific devices and networks.
    • CDN Integration

      Increase your distribution reach with support for a wide range of CDNs, including Akamai, U-Stream, Mirror Image and AWS CloudFront.
    • Administrative APIs

      Easily configure and monitor the server through programmatic access to the registry and all configuration options.
    • Multi-rate MPEG2-TS ingest

      Expand live input options with multi-rate MPEG2-TS feeds to reach audiences across multiple devices and networks.
    • HLS subtitles and closed-captions

      Conform to the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act with tight interoperability for subtitles and closed-captions from Helix Broadcaster feeds.

    Key Features

    • Multi-Protocol Stream Ingest

      Ingest Flash and other RTMP feeds plus multi-rate MPEG2-TS, RTP and Helix RBS.
    • DRM

      Use digital rights management to protect your content and get encrypted content delivery and access protection.
    • Network DVR

      Give your customers control over live streams with pause, seek and play options, and archiving files for future viewing.
    • Ad Insertion

      Increase revenue by leveraging SSPL for dynamic ad insertion.
    • H.264 Stream Archives

      Support H.264/AAC codec stream archives to use archived content as part of an on-demand service or playlist.
    • Access Security

      Take advantage of content access and session management APIs for complete control of your content.